Dim Sum


Dim Sum has a heritage of over 2000 years and is as vibrant now as ever. In translation it means "touch the heart"—or perhaps, "to your heart's content." It is a cuisine with a wide assortment of small dishes—mainly dumplings, but also noodle and rice dishes, small pasties and buns, congee, greens, and mild desserts.

Just like at any other restaurant, a hostess will seat you at your table. Our wait staff will come and ask you for your tea preference. The drinking of tea is as important to dim sum as the food. At Top Gun, you may choose from, pu erh (black tea), so-mei (white tea), jasmine (green tea), oolong, and chrysanthemum. Tea is charged by the person. If you do not wish to have tea, please tell your server at this time. Children under 12 are not charged for tea. Please tell your hostess before being seated how many adults and how many children to serve.

It is customary to pour tea for others during dim sum before filling your own cup. A custom unique to the Cantonese is to thank the person pouring the tea by tapping a bent index finger on the table, which symbolizes bowing or 'thank you.' When your pot is empty, simply lift the lid half-way and move it to the side of the table and the wait staff will know to fill the emptied pot with hot water.

Dim Sum servers come to you with carts carrying small dishes of shrimp, rice, noodles, vegetables, pork, and dessert. Food is served family style. Since dim sum dishes are typically portioned for 3-4 small servings, customers typically order many different dishes over the course of a meal. Larger tables may even order two or three plates of a particular dish so that everyone can have a serving. You pick what you like off the dim-sum carts. Your server will place the small dishes on your table and mark a card left at your table, indicating your selection as Small, Medium, Large, Special, or Chef's Special. It is our house policy to only mark on your card after the food is placed on your table. If you are not sure what it is, please ask our staff for an explanation of each dim-sum item. When you are all finished, just ask the wait staff to tally the bill for you.